Wednesday, January 6, 2010

eye opener

We sat in this seafood place last night, sampling the various delicacies on offer. I even braved the raw squid and wasabi-delicious!

They began to approach our table at a steady pace. Elderly women, destitute-a boy of about 8 with a disfigured face, disabled- all trying to sell their various bits and pieces. The extent of their desperation was palpable. I struggled to come to terms with their appalling and undignified place in the world. I struggled with my own response to them and as I recoiled in shame-Ciarna rightly pointed out to smile, give them dignity, look at them. By me reacting as if they aren't there is not going to solve anything. Something I think we all can learn. A bit of human spirit and dignity goes an awful long way to these people.

On a lighter note-I know have mentioned before but the mode of transport here has me transfixed, enthralled and terrified all in one go! Everyone has one. They bring families, dogs, furniture, babies-you name it! The trusty mophead! Yesterday we travelled from the city back to the house. Throngs of them lining up-swerving, honking but nobody-not one person showed any sign of impatience or as we have in the west-road rage! A miracle when at one point we had to push our way through on the footpath cos of roadworks and literally I was in the middle of a sea of bikes. Hilarious and brilliant. Love it! All par for the course here and has made it all the more exciting to be in.

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  1. Sounds fascinating already! Lookinf forward to more!